Be honest — sushi night is usually the highlight of your week. Although it’s really easy to roll your own sushi, it’s even easier to turn your favorite sushi ingredients into a burger. Sure, there are plenty of summer burger recipes you could throw on the grill for dinner, but none of them will live up to the awe-inspiring sushi burger. With a bun made out of sticky rice and all the fillings your heart could desire, how could you not be in love? Whether you’re a sashimi fan or you like your rolls more on the crispy chicken katsu side, one of these 10 sushi burgers will be your ideal match.


1. BLT Rice Sandwich-Onigirazu: Your favorite all-American lunch just got a major makeover. Think of this onigirazu as a giant sushi roll that doesn’t have to be tightly packed. It’s filled with salty bacon, buttery lettuce and fried egg (or “Tamago,” for the T), perfect for a hand-held lunch on the go. (via Chopstick Chronicles)


2. How to Make a Sushi Burger: Creating a bun out of rice can be intimidating, but a mini springform pan will help. Top with black sesame seeds to mimic the look of an authentic burger bun, and don’t forget the spicy mayo. (via Public Lives Secret Recipes)


3. The Sushi Burger: Deep frying your rice bun not only gives it that indulgent flavor, but also helps solidify the bun so it doesn’t fall apart. Mix chopped tuna with mayo and wasabi for a creamy and spicy filling worthy of any fancy sushi bar. (via Sorted Food)

4. Chicken Katsu Sushi Burger: Don’t love raw fish? No problem. This sushi burger consists of a fried chicken cutlet, a thin Japanese omelet and sweet and spicy sauce. It’s yummy comfort food at its finest. (via The Flavor Blender)

Taste Explosion Roll

5. Cowfish Copycat “Taste Explosion” Roll: The idea behind this roll is that is has the same flavors of a burger, but in sushi roll form. Inside you’ll find ground beef, bacon, jalapeño and mayo. It’s then rolled in panko breadcrumbs and topped with a verdant cilantro-pesto. The end result is unlike any sushi roll you’ve ever experienced. (via The Garlic Diaries)


6. Bulgogi Rice Burger: This Korean fast-food specialty *needs* to be sold in American chains (looking at you, McDonald’s). Stuff with Korean BBQ and kimchi if you want to stay true to the original. (via My Korean Kitchen)

7. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burgers: Everyone likes teriyaki chicken, which means these burgers are great for entertaining. Use an egg ring to mold the shape of the slider-sized rice buns. You could even substitute ground chicken shaped in the same ring to keep everything uniform. (via To Food With Love)


8. Teriyaki Steak Sushi Burger: Tender teriyaki steak lends the punch of flavor that makes this burger stand out. Sprinkle the tops with nori dust and a few slices of pickled ginger if you really want to drive that sushi vibe home. (via The Flavor Blender)

Chirashi Burger

9. Chirashi Burger: Using a pastry circle to layer this burger creates a gourmet work of art that’s well worth the extra effort. Be sure to use sushi-grade salmon that has been kept at the proper temperature if you plan on eating it raw. (via Bento and Co)


10. Rice Bun Burgers: Fresh flavors of cucumber and mint brighten up this beefy burger. Chopped peanuts add an interesting crunch, while the fiery Sriracha drizzle spices things up. There’s definitely a lot of umami going on here. (via The Food in My Beard)

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