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co op 2023

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Time to Par-DIY: The Latest Brit Kits Co-Op Recap

What happens when over 400 bloggers and DIYers get a bunch of free Brit Kits? A LOT of awesomeness.


The Co-Op: Holiday Decor Edition

Don’t you go thinking we forgot about the holidays when it came to our beloved Brit Co-Opers! For December’s round of Co-Op parties we teamed up The Home Depot ® to arm a handful of our Co-Op members with all the tools to create the most epic Christmas ornament ever.


Brit Co-Op: The Par-DIY Goes On

We heard you guys loud and clear—the only thing better than DIY is DIY’ing together. So, last month we announced the Brit Co-Op program. In case you missed it here’s the recap: The Brit Co-Op is a a group of handpicked hostesses selected by Brit + Co. These gals are some of our most loyal Brit Kit subscribers who are willing to host 10 of their friends for a free DIY party each month. We send a total of 11 Brit Kits to each Co-Op member’s door: one for them and one for each of their lucky invitees.

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It’s Time to PAR-DIY: Announcing the Brit Co-Op

First thing is first: DIY parties are seriously the new book clubs. At Brit + Co, we spend our days dreaming of ways to give you all the tools you need to create beautiful things. Brit Kits were our first step, and if you are a loyal Brit Kits subscriber, we want to thank you. If you aren’t a Brit Kits subscriber…well, you’re missing out! You can sign up here to get your monthly creative juices flowing. Throughout the last few months of hearing from you guys, we’ve repeatedly received one message loud and clear: the only thing better than DIY is DIY’ing together. It’s such a fun way to hang out with friends while using up some creative energy. (Especially if wine is involved.) That’s why we started a new program called the Brit Co-Op.

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