You have a lot of favorite things about fall. You love rediscovering your seasonal wardrobe and taking in all the pretty leaves on your commute home from work. You love the candy bowls scattered around the office. You love swapping Halloween costume ideas with friends and emailing Thanksgiving recipes to your folks in anticipation of the autumnal festivities. Many of these activities can be independent in nature, but we know that you don’t want to leave your sweetie behind in all the fall excitement. Keep scrolling for 10 simple ways to have the best-ever autumnal date with your S.O.

A smiling woman holds up a pair of pumpkins

1. Pumpkin Picking: Could we even call this a list of fall date suggestions if we didn’t put a trip to the pumpkin patch at the top of the list? Grab your partner, put on your coziest flannel, and go get yourselves the perfect pumpkin. For an ideal date, find a local patch that offers spiked cider — or at the very least the best hot chocolate around.

2. Volunteering at a Food Bank: With temperatures dropping and the holidays ahead, more people are taking to shelters and seeking support from resources like soup kitchens and food banks. You and your significant other can make a real difference by spending a weekend morning serving others at one of these facilities. What a great memory to share!

3. Travel Planning: Your amazing summer vacation might already seem like it happened years ago, so why not get started on dreaming up the next one? Set aside time on the calendar for some bucket-list-style travel brainstorming with bae, supplemented with a bottle of wine and some takeout.

A couple collaborates on a piece of pottery

4. Making Pottery: Doesn’t the start of the new season make you feel like you need to be eating your soup and drinking your tea out of a set of beautifully rustic handmade pottery? It certainly makes us feel that way. You and your S.O. can sign up for a pottery class at a local studio to start the process of sculpting your own plates, bowls, and mugs. Start to finish, this will probably take a few weeks, so it creates opportunities for plenty of date nights.

5. Cider Tasting: Before the PSL (thanks, Starbucks), the most autumnal beverage in the game was cider. Give this drink the credit it deserves by spending an afternoon tasting different varieties at a restaurant or brewery. Can’t find a tasting locally? That’s okay. Instead, you could commit to drinking cider together every time it’s on a menu for the rest of the season. Think of it as one extended tasting.

6. Local Walking Tour: The chaos of summer is behind you, and you finally have a little extra time to stop and explore the place you call home. Do a little Googling to see what kinds of historical, food, or other landmark tours are available in nearby neighborhoods. You’ll learn more about where you live and probably take some fun pics along the way!

A couple gets cozy in front of a fireplace

7. Hanging by the Fire: Sometimes, all it takes to dial up the atmosphere for a night in is lighting a fire. If you don’t have a fireplace, find a video of a roaring fire online — it’ll do the trick. If you’re feeling splurge-y, you could even spend a weekend at a cabin or boutique hotel where you’ll have your own fire to keep the two of you warm.

8. Checking Out Halloween Decorations: Plenty of people tour the holiday lights in December, but not everyone pays enough attention to the spooky decor that people set up in October. Lace up your walking shoes, pour a travel mug of hot apple cider (or maybe something a little saucier!), and take to nearby neighborhoods to see who is getting into the Halloween spirit.

9. Apple Picking: The only thing that says fall almost as much as picking pumpkins is, well, picking apples! You’ll miss these juicy local treats when they’re no longer in season, so go get your hands dirty and stock up at a nearby farm. Schedule a fun post-picking dinner to extend the experience.

10. Baking a Pie: Grab those apples you picked, and make good use of them. There are so many delicious seasonal pies you can learn to make, and it’s way more fun to do it with your S.O. by your side. (Everybody deserves a good sous-chef.) Yum!

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