I know, I know. The Pinsanity is taking over these days. Not only are we spending hours on end pinning and repinning, but dozens of sites across the web are starting to look and feel a lot like our beloved Pinterest as well (remember Manterest?). And for good reason — it's addictive to look through photos! No one can dispute that.

Call them copycats, but some of these Pinterest clones are actually quite compelling. One of my favorites these days is a site called Tailored. It's centered all around weddings, and purely product focused, as opposed to decor or inspiration focused. As a recently wed bride, I recall just how tough it was to shop for dresses, flower girl apparel, accessories, guest favors, goods for my groom, etc. Tailored is sourcing all of those products from all across the web and putting them in one spot for you to browse and buy. It's meant to save brides and grooms tons of time, something we could all use more of. I just wish it existed a year earlier!

Even more interesting, Tailored has built a Pandora-like experience that automatically learns about your tastes and preferences and begins suggesting wedding-related products based on what you like. There's a style survey when you first join the site that provides your first set of recommendations. After you're logged in, you can give products a thumbs up or thumbs down. The more feedback you give, the better the suggestions will be.

Oh, and can we pause briefly and gasp at how cute this flower girl dress is? In the words of Rachel Zoe: "I die."

Tailored is currently in public beta, so head on over to the site and give it a whirl! Find us on Twitter or leave a note in the comments below if you have questions getting started. We're happy to help.