Using Italian architecture and Egyptian weaponry as her inspiration, Tanya Gruenberg has created a gorgeous jewelry line that will bring out your inner warrior and inspire a sort of ethereal wanderlust all at the same time. And, wait for it, she uses 3D printing to turn her beautiful ideas into ready-to-wear rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Tanya’s story is one to jot down and commit to memory for your next Motivational Monday/”what am I doing with my life?!” pep talk. The industrial design grad started working as a furniture designer after college, making jewelry in her spare time. When that hobby turned into a passion (hi, can relate), Tanya turned it into a part time gig, squeezing in making anywhere she could, even during her commute.

With the help of 3D printing company Shapeways (think, Thingiverse for the cool kids), she was able to generate and sketch ideas when they came to her and outsource the printing while she was clocking in and out of her day job. She describes her process on the Shapeways Blog: “Every time I commuted home from work, I would sketch out ideas in my Moleskine and as soon as I got to my apartment, I’d open up my computer where I’d 3D sketch.” Weeks later and her sketches were physical pieces signed, sealed and delivered to her.

And, oh. Oh, MY, what pieces they are. Rings start at $55 and will likely make you wish for a few more digits — one can only stack so many bands on ten fingers, you know.

Necklaces range in price from $110 for the Arc Necklace in Moonstone to the splurge-worthy Tribal Moon Collar ($395). The jewelry maker pulls inspiration from what she’s seen and collected on her own travels, trips to museums and the pages of favorite books.

Everything in the Studio Grun process is done domestically, from sampling to the full scale production.

To say we are fans of Studio Grun is an understatement, and to say that we’re starting Tanya’s fan club is a fact. (We’re currently hiring a Treasurer btw.) Not only is her line the ideal accessory for classy cosmopolitans and boho babes alike, not only is it 3D printed, but we are also giving her a standing O for keeping the maker spirit alive and well-accessorized.

What do you think of Tanya’s Studio Grun jewelry? Know of an indie maker or 3D printer we need to know more about? Share them below!