Crystal healing, sage smudging, halotherapy — while the world around us may seem chaotic and uncertain, these are the kinds of rituals and treatments that have become crucial to our self-care routines over the past couple of years, helping us to feel centered and grounded in the present. Now, in an effort to remain gentle with ourselves while still getting sh*t done, we’ve started a monthly tarot card pull. Think of it as a new moon manifestation plus a to-do list. It’s a spiritual guide that helps you meet your goals for the month ahead, and you don’t have to be a tarot expert to make it work for you (in fact, our beginner’s guide is particularly useful here!). Keep reading for all the divine, doable details.

Tarot cards lay scattered face-up on a table

Set Intentions

Before you even get to the list-making or card-pulling, we suggest taking a few minutes to meditate. Burn some incense, gather your crystals, and find a quiet place to sit with your thoughts about how you’d like to see the next 30 days play out. Once you’re feeling that optimistic energy, start writing down all the intentions, goals, plans, and wishes you have for the month ahead. Maybe it’s time to finally tackle your taxes, perhaps you’ve been putting off sending an important email, or maybe you’re planning your bestie’s bachelorette party. Whatever you want (or have) to do — big and small — write it down now! Remember, no one is holding you to completing every single thing you write. There’s no failure here, so don’t censor yourself with doubts or limitations. You’re setting yourself up with a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in the coming month, so it’s all good!

Pull a Card, Any Card

After you’ve written down your dream to-do list, it’s time to pull a card from your deck to get a sense of how you should approach these goals. If you’re not familiar with the tarot and the cards’ individual meanings, it’s helpful to have a guide book with you for your monthly practice (a simple Google search works too). In addition to learning what the card means in the tarot world, we suggest journaling everything the card calls to your mind when you look at it. Your instinctual reaction is just as powerful as anything the experts say!

Combine the Mundane With the Magic

Now that you have your list of goals and you’re feeling acquainted with whatever card you pulled for the month, it’s time to marry the two together. As you think about what you’d like to accomplish and you consider the card in front of you, think about how they relate and how the card is asking you to approach your goals. Let’s say the card is full of feminine energy that’s emotionally rich — maybe that means this month you allow your emotions to lead the way. Or perhaps the card is fiery, active, and direct — no time for dawdling, because this month it’s all about quick decisions made with confidence. No matter the outcome, the tarot is a gentle, insightful lens through which you can view your life. It gives you flexible parameters, a fresh perspective, and a way to focus (not to mention it’s just a really fun way to think about tasks that aren’t always a blast). Here’s to slaying the next 30 days!

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