Peek at any of our respective nightstands and you’ll see a similar tableau — an empty can of La Croix, the latest Emma Watson book club pick, a cute dish for our jewelry, and, of course, a collection of crystals. Because while we may not be completely sold on the efficacy of crystal healing (hey, a tiny dose of skepticism is healthy!), we’re pretty sure it can’t hurt to keep some good vibes hanging around (plus, they’re just so pretty!). If you’re serious about your crystals, whether you’re a committed beginner or looking to expand your collection, we’re here to suggest a suitable stone for you based on your zodiac sign.


Amazonite: As an idealist with a strong sense of self, we thought you might care for a crystal to enhance those self-love superpowers of yours, Aquarius. Amazonite is known to encourage tolerance, patience, and trust in the journey. Basically, we know you’re a bit of a rebel with an (occasional) problem with authority — a sliver of amazonite will help you see the truth of all sides of a situation, allowing you to lead with even more love than before.


Hematite: Your ever-present poetic nature often leaves you with your head in the clouds and feet off the ground. And while we love that imagination of yours, sometimes you need to be gently brought down to earth — which is where Hematite comes in. This silvery metallic crystal is powerfully grounding and will provide that necessary reality check. Hematite will bring you back into your physical body and force you to just be. Keep it close to you any time your third eye is in need of a rest.


Adventurine: Adventure time, you say? Almost, but not quite, dear, daring Aries. Adventurine is a gorgeous green stone that’s got a rep for being lucky AF, and for a risk-taker like yourself, a little extra luck can’t hurt. We know you love to leap before you look, and Adventurine helps connect your body to your heart chakra for a boost of your trademark optimistic confidence — with some wisdom thrown in for good measure.


Amethyst: You’re grounded, stable and a nature-lover to your core, which makes you an amazing friend and partner to those you love. But if you’re left feeling like something’s missing — spiritually, we mean — we suggest adding amethyst to your crystal collection. The purple rock’s inherent intuitive qualities will help you open your third eye and connect with a more spiritual awareness. Try meditating with a piece in your pocket or taking a nature walk with an amethyst ring on.


Onyx: Onyx is known for reconciling our inner dualities, bringing clarity to our most confusing decisions. We don’t mean to pry, but we bet you could use some of this good juju when you inevitably get to that point where your brain is running all over the place. It’s great that you’re interested in so many things, but it never hurts to have some extra help when you’re feeling especially unfocused.


Garnet: Sometimes, all that sweet sensitivity can be too much to bear, Cancer — we understand. If you’re looking for a reprieve from all that lunar-fuled emotion, we suggest keeping a piece of garnet close to you (and not just because it’s so pretty). The stone is said to whisk away feelings of loneliness and emphasize feelings of creativity and pleasure that’ll make you want to stop and smell the roses — instead of retreating into your shell again.


Chalcedony: You’ve got a lot to say, Leo, but sometimes your exuberance comes across as steamrolling. The Chalcedony crystal is called “the speaker’s stone,” and is meant to not only facilitate communication but enhance your listening skills. It’s a creativity-enducing crystal and can help open your mind to new ideas, no matter how sure of your own you may be!


Aquamarine: While we admire your strong work ethic and perfectionist leanings, sometimes you’ve just got to let go. Try using Aquamarine the next time you’re feeling particularly anxious — this watery blue stone is said to aid in relaxation, meditation, and a higher consciousness. You’ll decrease your stress levels and increase your energy, which honestly sounds even better than a nap.


crystal quart

Crystal Quartz: Keeping the peace is important to you, Libra, but you can’t always do it on your own. Give yourself a cosmic boost with a piece of crystal quartz. This “does-it-all” stone promotes harmony and clarity, so whether you’re mediating a family disagreement or trying to lead a team at work, crystal quartz can help you facilitate the peace.


Ruby: Getting dark is kinda your thing. We get it — death and passion go hand-in-hand in your world, but sometimes we all need a little lightness. To counteract your fiery, primal emotional side, we suggest a little ruby action. The classic red stone is meant to give you courage and vitality, and reinforce a zest for life. In fact, ruby is specifically known to help you embrace your life in a genuine, passionate way, so you still get that signature energy you crave — just with the darkness dialed back.


Flourite: You’re a perpetual student, Sag, continually on a quest to see everything and understand even more. This adventuresome spirit would do well with some fluorite, as the crystal is said to enhance learning by focusing concentration. On a more spiritual level, fluorite is also known to be a way to heighten your intuition and tap into your subconscious, which perfectly aligns with your faithful, optimistic side.


Citrine: Okay, we know that this woo-woo energy healing usually has no place in your meticulously planned life, but hear us out — citrine is actually nicknamed the money stone. That’s right, this orangey-yellow crystal is said to facilitate prosperity, confidence, strength, and self-esteem, which totally vibes with your goal-oriented life philosophy. Only the most success-attracting stone for our success-driven sign.

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