Hardcore temporary tats, anyone? We’ve been big fans of Tattly, the company that singlehandedly made temporary tattoos cool again, for ages. (Have you seen their collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.? It’s killer.) So naturally, we’re majorly digging Knucks, their line of temporary knuckle tattoos. Face it — we’ve ALL wondered how it would look to rock knuckle tats. Now we can find out with no regrets!


Printed with vegetable-based ink, these FDA-compliant temp tattoos last up to four days. They’re all we need to feel badass at a moment’s notice. (Pssst: They’re also a great way to mess with S.O.s, parents and coworkers.)


Each sheet comes with 22 words, so there’s plenty to play with. We love that we can mix and match the words and letters to create our own sayings. How about “SICK DIYS” or “LOVE FOOD”? So many options, so few knuckles….


We wish we had these bad boys for Halloween — think of all the costume possibilities! They’ll most definitely make an appearance at Brit HQ on April Fool’s Day.


Pick up Tattly’s Knucks in the B+C Shop for instant gangsta-glam. You can thank us later :)


What sayings would you create with Knucks? Share with us in the comments below.