No one wants to carry a charger when them wherever they go, but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right? Maybe not, actually. Soon though, all you might need is your own skin to avoid all those times spent frantically looking for a charger (or outlet) at a party, at the airport, or out to dinner.

Scientists have developed a temporary tattoo, complete with a bio battery, that might completely change the way we charge, and think about charging, our phones.

The battery builds up its charge by measuring lactate, which is produced when we sweat. So it gives you a double whammy of motivation to finally get off the couch. Work up a light sheen of sweat, and you’ve got enough juice to — well — juice up your gadgets.

And for all of us who deal with the dreaded heat-drained battery on a regular basis (here’s looking at you, awful New York City heat), this might finally be a solution. If it’s hot enough to break into a sweat just by stepping outside, at least we can get something out of it.

The tech isn’t actually completed yet, so hold onto your chargers for now. The tattoos only generate a little less than half the energy necessary to power a watch. But we can’t wait to see where this goes. We look forward to the day when we can not only wear our chargers, but look awesome doing it too.

So, if any of you scientists are out there listening, we have just one request. Nothing against the black and white look, but can you please make these a little more colorful, like these? Maybe something like this?

Or this? Just some thoughts.

Do you see yourself jumping at the chance to use these tattoos, or is the idea of giving up your charger too weird? Let us know your take below!

(h/t Betabeat)