Happy Tuesday, everyone. Yep, it’s tech trick of the week time! Facebook is the most ubiquitous social media platform out there and thus, Facebook Messenger is one super common way people keep in touch with their friends… and get spammed by acquaintances. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: You get added to some irrelevant group message about some event going on in another state or something and your phone starts blowing up with notifications. Luckily, there’s a way to opt out. Here’s how you do it.


Just open up Messenger, click into the thread and tap on the names up top. FYI, this also works on the desktop version of Facebook.


From the next page, it’ll show all the members in the chat. Scroll to the bottom and select Leave Group. Once you do that, the other members in the group will see a little grayed out message that you’re no longer a part of the group message. Sweet, sweet freedom.


But maybe it’s not actually an irrelevant group message. Perhaps it’s a well-deserved vacay-planning chat between you and your BFFs and you don’t actually want to leave the group, but you have a work meeting and can’t have your phone blowing up ATM. Then you can also mute the thread by going into that same page and clicking on Notifications.


From there, a pop-up will ask you how long you’d like to mute the thread for — 15 minutes, an hour or just whenever you decide you want to opt back in to the chat.

Just remember to turn it back on or you might end up missing that vacation.

Will you be trying out this Facebook Messenger trick? Do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below!