If you鈥檝e never watched the viral video series Teens React, let us introduce you to your newest YouTube obsession. In many of them, teens react to things you probably like now and loved way back when. Only, they鈥檙e often witnessing them for the first time. And (spoiler alert) often what you think is awesome, they think is suuuper lame.

In the latest, teenagers are forced to watch an informational 鈥淚nternet Guide鈥 video from the 鈥90s. They鈥檙e understandably horrified (you will be, too) and can鈥檛 believe that these bowl-cutted boys and permed girls are having an in depth conversation about how to use the Internet to research Egypt for a school project. Hey, their three-year-old nieces and nephews have iPads, even toddlers would react by throwing shade on a family guffawing over what a 鈥渨eb page鈥 is.

These kids are hilarious and so freakin鈥 savvy 鈥 they scold the actors in the video for using Internet Explorer, equate how intuitive computers are with 鈥渏ust knowing鈥 how to operate a fridge and even admit 鈥淚 can鈥檛 remember a time when I haven鈥檛 touched a keyboard.鈥 We thought we were early adapters (and we were) but we forget that this gen literally came out of the womb surfing the web. They just never had to suffer through the sound and wait of logging on with a dial-up modem. Until they had to listen to it for this video 鈥 watch their ears bleed (Muahaha, how do you like it, you ungrateful little twerps! JK, you鈥檙e our future and we love you <3) below:

鈥淲hat would I be doing in the 鈥90s?! It鈥檚 hard to wrap your head around these things鈥︹ Sigh, #kidsthesedays.

Do you remember the first time you logged on? What鈥檚 your earliest www memory?