We can’t believe it’s already March! It feels like we were writing down our “exercise more” resolutions just yesterday. Speaking of exercising more… yeah, about that. If you’ve become unmotivated or just tied up with work, we found the perfect solution. It’s an adorable fitness app called Tep that’ll get us all back on track.


Tep is a virtual pet that heavily relies on your well being to survive. As long as you’re staying active, playing sports and/or doing yoga, your virtual pet will be just as healthy as you are. On top of recording calories burned, distance and average pace, you can earn points by exercising regularly. These points can be used to buy food and accessories for your pet. It’s kind of like a Tamagotchi (where the ‘90s kids at?). And just as you created that inseparable bond between you and your first pixelate Tamagotchi, you will also grow more attached to your Tep pet. This is exactly what the Tep developers want. They know that once you establish a bond with your pet, you’re more likely to keep exercising. Because, at that point, it’s more than just exercising for your own health — sneaky, sneaky, but it works!


Tep was created at a Hackathon competition and has been gaining improvements since May 2013. Now, the app is in its beta phase on iOS, Android and Windows devices. If you want to be one of their testers, all you gotta do is send them your email address via their website.


Would Tep motivate you to exercise? What gets you moving?