From endlessly debated juice cleanses to cupping therapy, we’re no strangers to wacky health trends. But as time goes on we’re starting to see some really wild ideas kick in. Sitting in a -240 degree pod for three minutes? That’s real. Dry cleaning for your face? Also a thing. Whether you’re one who is always up to try something new or you’re just super curious, here are 5 of the biggest health trends we’ve seen so far this year.


1. Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy exposes your body to extremely low temperatures; we’re talking -240 degrees Fahrenheit. New York Magazine recently tried a 3-minute treatment that is said to burn 800 calories, increase endorphins and boost your immune systems. It’s also said to make skin appear brighter and tighter because the production of collagen is enhanced when your skin is exposed to colder temperatures. At $90 a session it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely an experience. (photo via @mandymooremm)


2. Brothing: Because juicing is so 2014. This blogger tried and failed to go on a juice cleanse, and so instead decided to take on “brothing,” where she substituted one meal a day with a cup of broth for three days. She picked up her broth from NYC’s Canora’s Brodo, which serves organic, grass-fed bone broths out of to-go coffee cups. The health benefits of amping up your broth intake include: filling out wrinkles and cellulite, improving metabolism and muscle building, regenerating damaged liver cells and a whole bunch more. (via The Man Repeller)


3. Skin Laundry: Skin Laundry is a boutique skincare company that is using a revolutionary laser and light treatment to kill bacteria and vaporize dirt, pollutants and makeup – consider it a facial for the 21st century. The ten-minute, $100 service, which they call the “Skin Laundry Signature Laser & Light Treatment,” goes a little something like this: you slip on protective goggles as a technician goes over your face with a laser that vaporizes dirt and impurities deep down in your pores. The lasers also stimulate collagen production, break down pigment and even out skin tone. At the end of the brief session, skin is meant to be cleaner, clearer and visibly brighter. (photo via Skin Laundry)


4. Essential Oils: We know that essential oils definitely aren’t new, but they are making a huge comeback as of late. And with a push toward finding natural rather than prescription health remedies, it’s no wonder. If you’re a newbie to oils, check out our beginner’s guide to find out which oils work for what. (photo via The Tea Tree Oil Review)


5. Aloe Vera Juice: It looks like coconut water might be getting kicked to the curb. This juice isn’t the same as the goo you spread on after a sunburn (seriously, please don’t drink that), but rather a slightly sour juice derived from the aloe plant. Drinking the juice has been said to help improve skin and fortify the body’s immune system. (via Prevention)


Bonus** The Magical Exercise Pill: So this one doesn’t exactly exist just yet, but it might become a reality soon(ish) – okay, maybe more like in 10 years’ time. Here’s how it would works: scientists have discovered a way to trick white fat cells into behaving like brown fat cells. In case you’re not totally sure about what each of those do: White fat cells store excess energy in the body, which can result in obesity, whereas brown fat cells burn that energy and help with weight loss. So essentially the pill would alter your fat cells to burn off excess calories instead of storing them. The future is sounding pretty good right about now. (via Brit + Co)

Would you try any of these wild health trends? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.