Each Thanksgiving you get pumped up over the same traditional foods your family鈥檚 known for. Whether it鈥檚 cranberry sauce with chilies, braised turkey legs or an ultimate stuffing, you probably have your go-to recipes that you can鈥檛 wait to make each season. But where did those trends come from and how have they changed over the past few years?

Check out this graphic exploring the trends of Thanksgivings past, thanks to Food Network. From deep-fried turkey to smashed potatoes instead of the traditional mash, we鈥檝e had some pretty wild trend swings in the past two decades.

For example, you may feel like Brussels sprouts have always been on the menu, but they鈥檝e probably only been around since just after 2008, when they burst onto the food scene. And that fabulous glaze for the turkey? It鈥檚 probably only a couple of years old if you were inspired by the growing trend in 2010.

Of course, some traditions never change, like the joy of getting together with family to eat a ton of food, drink a few glasses of vino and fall into a delightfully cozy food coma. And be honest, would you really change a thing about that?

What are your favorite Thanksgiving food traditions? Tell us in the comments below!