Ever since we discovered SolePower, the insole that charges your phone while you’re walking around, we’ve been intrigued by the idea of using our physical activities to generate power. Our newest gadget find, the Atom, takes that idea to the next level. It lets you harness the energy you create on your bicycle! Who knew exercise could be so powerful?

The idea is pretty simple. The device hooks onto your bike and harnesses the energy created by the wheel spin. This means that no matter what kind of cyclist you are, whether you’re coasting your commute or powering through a workout, you’ll generate some charge while you’re out and about. The more you cycle, the more you can charge, so don’t cut your ride short ;)

You can then use this charge to power any USB-compatible device. That means you can rock out to music on your phone while you’re working out and not have to worry about being stranded somewhere without a charge, or bike to work and power up your tablet when you get there. Just how charged up can you get? The device has a 1300mAh battery pack, which translates to a 75% charge on your iPhone 5.

We’re into products with a philanthropic bent, and the Atom is no exception. For every 10 they sell, they’re pledging to give one away to a person in the developing world who needs portable power.

Originally funded successfully over on Kickstarter, the Atom is now available for preorder via Siva Cycle’s website. You can snag one for $99 and it will ship out in November.

Would you use the Atom to power up your devices on-the-go? Are there any other devices that turn your workout into real power? Talk to us in the comments below.