As spring emerges in earnest, there’s only one thing on our minds: This is the season we’re finally gonna get bangs. What better way to switch up our warm-weather look than with a hot new chop? Some of us (okay, most of us) have been burned by the wrong cut in the past, but this year we’re doubling down on some fresh, fringe-y styles that work what our mommas gave us. To complement those easy summer hairstyles, scroll on for the best haircuts for your face shape, featuring all the bangs inspo your heart desires.

The Best Bangs for a Square Face Shape

In many cases, gals with an angular jaw (a la Olivia Wilde) are rocking some major cheekbone action. Choose a bangs style that will balance the strong lines of that pretty mug.

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1. Center Split Long Bangs: While you may have heard that a center part can make a square-shaped face too angular, center-parted bangs are actually a great hack for adding some soft curves. The curtain effect of this cut helps create the illusion of roundness. (via @madmavenstyle)

2. Bardot Bangs: Channel your inner Bridgette Bardot with some heavy parted bangs. This look is perfect for bringing a soft touch and extra movement to a strong look. (via @taylorlashae)

3. Full Textured Bangs: While many square-faced gals tend to avoid this straight-across look, believing straight bangs merely add another angle to your face, the generous use of texture will help you avoid any harsh lines that may over-emphasize your jaw. (via @kenniogosti)

The Best Bangs for a Diamond Face Shape

Diamonds are forever… well, at least they make for a pretty gorgeous face. Ladies with this shape have a narrow forehead and a slim chin, with the widest angle falling at some ah-mazing cheekbones. And while bangs aren’t the easiest style to rock with this fairly unique face shape, there is a lot of wiggle room to get extra creative.

4. Faux-Hawk Bangs: Go for a no-fuss cut with this short, sweet and edgy ‘do. This super textured style is great for adding extra oomph to the top section of your hair, while widening your face a bit. (via @princessstiefel)

5. Center-Parted Long Bangs: For a look that screams Kendall Jenner, sport these long bangs with a center(ish) split. The curtain effect narrows the hairline, giving you a soft and natural aura. Beachy waves add an effortless, lived-in feel. (via @anhcotran)

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6. Baby bangs: Diamond face shapes, you’re in luck, ’cause these itsy-bitsy bangs were made for you. Since diamond faces are generally symmetrical, they work super well with these crazy cute baby bangs. (via @kacifen)

The Best Bangs for a Heart Face Shape

Take it from ultimate bangs inspo and fellow heart-shaped gal Zooey Deschanel: For heart-shaped gals — meaning the widest point of your face is your forehead — bangs are king. It’s also common for heart-shaped faces to have a widow’s peak, creating a genuine heart shape.


7. Long, textured bangs: You too can pull off Zooey’s signature straight bangs! The length and texture are great for minimizing the width of your forehead. (via Oh Joy!)

8. Side-Swept Bangs: Accentuate your perfectly made-up eyes with some soft, side-swept bangs. This look is also great if you want to draw focus up from your pointed chin. (via @dulcetangel)

9. Long Side-Swept Bangs: Wear your bangs on trend with a cool deep side part. Long bangs swept to the side emphasize your cheekbones and open up your face. (via @tamiastyles)

The Best Bangs for an Oval Face Shape

Short, straight or layered, this well-rounded face shape welcomes all manner of bangs. If you’ve been blessed with an oval-shaped face (think Honest Beauty babe Jessica Alba), your face is just a little longer than it is wide. This soft look proves that you don’t need strong angles to pack a real punch.

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10. Baby Bangs: Looking to go a little edgy? Lucky for you, oval faces go perfectly with this ultra modern look. Wear your short fringe straight to make a major statement. (via @margauxbrooke)

11. Blunt Bangs: Channel your inner T. Swift with these super chic blunt bangs. Trim them just below your brow to flatter a long face. (via @jessicavwalsh)

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12. Layered Bangs: Have some fun playing with texture. Oval face shapes are great for showcasing shorter layered cuts. (Emma Watson, we’re looking at you!) (via @amaranicole_)

The Best Bangs for a Round Face Shape

Fit for Snow White herself (aka Ginnifer Goodwin), round-shaped faces have no hard angles and tend to be about as wide as they are long. Finding a bangs cut to flatter this face shape can be a bit tricky, but these three styles are the perfect hacks for adding some extra length to your mug.

13. Curtain Bangs: Part your curtain bangs slightly off center to create a diagonal line that elongates your face. Wear these bangs on the longer side, right above the jawline, to avoid over-emphasizing your cheeks. (via @alexykatshair)

14. High and Off-the-Face Bangs: Take your bangs to new heights. Styling your short bangs off to the side creates the look of a longer face, perfectly complementing a round-faced pixie. (via @kirathelight)

15. Side-Swept Textured Bangs: Side-swept bangs can also elongate your face. Not only does the slight diagonal line create the illusion of length, but the the choppy texture also helps to diffuse roundness. (via @eelleexox)

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