Coming up with your personal brand is never easy. No matter if you want to find the right anticipation and intrigue to base your entire business around or simply want to come up with a compelling freelancing website, creating the elements that define you to the world is no easy task. After all, how can you put youfull of creativity, conflicting ideas and all sorts of personality traits — into just a few key words and phrases? Well, now the process of personal branding may get a little easier, thanks to The Brand Deck.

The Brand Deck is just what it sounds like. It’s a small deck of cards that can help you come up with the perfect phrasing and branding for your Kickstarter campaign, startup, small business or maker shop. And while the process is challenging, it’s also super fun.

To “play” the branding game, you place each of the 50 cards (each with one adjective on the front and a contrasting adjective on the back) into one of three piles: You Are, You Are Not and Not Applicable. But here’s the tricky part; each person in the group gets their own deck. Then it’s time to get talking.

The Brand Deck claims that that magic happens when the individuals in the group start chatting. Once you manage to get everyone to decide, or at least settle, on six words; you’ve got your brand’s core attributes. The rest is easily built out from that core.

We can’t help but notice that this concept looks an awful lot like another set of cards we saw pop onto the branding scene in 2012, Archetypes in Branding. There are some key differences though. With The Brand Deck, each decision maker gets their own set of cards, the design of the cards is much, much, much simpler (we’re talking Helvetica-grade simple) and the game has a simpler format, where you look at each card and answer “yes,” “no,” or “n/a.”

The Brand Deck is already well over its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, and today is the last day to pledge $35 to get your two-pack deck, so get in there while you can. We’re excited to see this project come to life in April. This tool is just the thing for makers and techies alike. After all, finally nailing what really makes you and your products unique will help you stand out from the crowd and succeed.

Tell us, have you ever struggled to identify your personal brand? Do you think Brand Deck is a tool you’ll use in the future? Talk to us in the comments below!