As much as we love painting our nails day in and day out, all the crafting, cooking, and typing we get up to at Brit HQ often leaves us with chipped nails, even one day after getting them done. Now, thanks to a few strips of tape, ingenuity and another color, see how Greta Eagan at Fashion Me Green extends her manicure by turning it into a moon!

I always like to get the most mileage out of my manicure, and after a week or so when the chips on the tips start to show up, that is the perfect time to turn it into a moon manicure. Make your manicure a non-toxic one by using 3-free nail polishes from Priti NYC and Butter London.

1. File your chipped nails so that they have the shape you like, and are free from any snagging edges.

2. Apply the 'french tip' half circle sticker so that none or only a small piece of the base of the nail is visible. You can find these at any local beauty supply store or even the pharmacy. You can also try using Scotch tape or paper reinforcements.

3. Choose a bold contrasting color and apply it to the tips, overlapping onto the white french tip sticker.

4. Allow the polish to dry completely (10-15 minutes) and then slowly, from one side to the other, peel off the french tip guide sticker.

5. Apply a top coat of clear polish to seal in your new layer of polish and add a bit of shine. Voila! Not only have you extended the life of your manicure, but you now have super groovy nails that are once again noteworthy.

For even more on the moon manicure, check out the video above and be sure to follow Greta on Fashion Me Green for more eco-friendly beauty hacks and fashion tips.

What colors will you try together for your moon manicure? Let us know your favorite manicure tips and ideas in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.