The Internet Is Living for Britney Spears’s Reaction to Ryan Seacrest Being Straight
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The Internet Is Living for Britney Spears’s Reaction to Ryan Seacrest Being Straight

Ryan Seacrest made it clear whose team he was on with regard to the Olympic games last night, but it hasn’t always been so clear which team the host and producer is playing for in the bedroom… at least not to his guests (er, guest!) and Kesha dead-ringer Britney Spears, who was seemingly thrown for a complete loop by the news that he was, in fact, straight.

Though the revealing clip is dated (the interview took place back in 2013 after the release of Britney Jean), it resurfaced with a vengeance this weekend, going viral when fans realized that Britney was having a coming-to-terms moment before their very eyes with regard to Ryan’s sexual preferences.

Despite having a high-profile relationship with the likes of Julianne Hough for three years, B. apparently missed the memo — you know, kind of like when she forgot that she’d actually met Miss Taylor Swift not once, but twice before!

In the clip, Ryan can be seen debating the finer points of cologne and the opposite sex with Britney’s co-guest, Will.i.Am.

“I mean, guys don’t feel that way,” Will begins, to which Ryan replies, “I do!”

“You do? You spray cologne on your girl?”

It’s here that Britney is visibly thrown off guard, quickly glancing at Will.i.Am. and mouthing “girl?” to him in what appears to be both shock and confusion.

She remains mum (perhaps in an attempt to recover) as Ryan responds to the question, saying “I spray girls’ cologne on my pillows to make me think they’re there! I just put Tressor in my bed.”

What can we say? Girl’s in her own little world. There were apparently no hard feelings, however — Brit returned to Ryan’s radio show yesterday morning to discuss the release of her NEW album, Glory — and the wonders of Photoshop. “There’s so much they can do with computers to make people look a certain way,” she said. “I’m like, ‘I might as well eat six pieces of pizza, because they can always just…'”

“Fix it,” Ryan finishes.

Watch the original clip in all its hilarious glory (pun intended) below!

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