In San Francisco, we can always expect the weather to be about the same. But at which end of “the 50s” will the temperature end up today? Weather apps do a decent job of giving us the average temperature around the entire city, but what if we want to find out the exact outdoor temperature of whatever microclimate we’re in so we know how many layers we’re going to need? With this accurate, plug-in thermometer, you’ll find out the exact temperature of wherever you’re standing.

Thermodo is a high-quality, hyper-sensitive thermometer packed into a tiny plug. To take the temperature of your surrounding, just insert your Thermodo into the audio jack, open up the Thermodo app (Free on iOS and Android), and you’ll be able to see an accurate temperature reading.

Of course, there is one slight complication — heat pollution. Robocat, the creative minds behind Thermodo, have tried their best to prevent their thermometer from getting readings from only the heat around it, rather than getting the temperature of the room. However, the heat from your phone and hands are inevitable. So if you want a super accurate reading, you can purchase a separate audio extension cable and plug the Thermodo into the extension’s jack. This way, you can distance the thermometer from sources of heat.

Get your own Thermodo for $30, and you’ll never have to wonder how many layers you should put on ever again.

Tell us about your frustrations with basic weather apps. What are your thoughts about the Thermodo?