You know that saying, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone?” That’s the way we feel about our phone batteries. Had we only realized their lives were precious, we wouldn’t have spent hours trawling through Instagram. It’s basically a universal truth that you don’t truly appreciate your phone’s battery until you’re stranded somewhere and in need of directions home. But maybe you didn’t even waste your battery life. You might not have even touched your phone and it died when it still had 30 percent battery left. Your phone could be the victim of two new bugs that are ruining the lives of iPhone owners everywhere.

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First off, there’s a weird thing going on with some iPhone 6s devices that causes the phone to sporadically shut down. If you bought a 6s from September to October 2015, you’re eligible for a free battery replacement from Apple that should fix that problem. But now certain sources are reporting that the bad battery is affecting a LOT more phones than those sold within that timeframe. Eeek!

Or if you recently updated to iOS 10.1.1, your phone — no matter which model — could be victim to an Apple bug that makes batteries drain much faster than usual. This one’s a lot trickier to fix and will likely only go away once Apple releases the next version of the OS. The only frustrating fix (for now) is to keep a spare battery pack around and wait for the update. Apple has not yet said when it will be ready.

But the most frustrating thing about all of this is the lack of information and solutions Apple seems to be providing its users. According to recent reports, the bugs are affecting a lot more phones than what Apple has acknowledged. If your phone is neither a 6s nor has been recently updated, you’re just going to have to sit tight and pray that Apple expands its replacement policy.

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(h/t Business Insider; photo via Getty)