We love all things Apple. iPhones鈥 MacBooks鈥 apple pie (#sorrynotsorry). What we DON鈥橳 love is when our treasured gadgets start having problems, like crashing because of a video or just, you know, dying randomly. Eek! You can鈥檛 constantly refresh your Twitter feed if your phone is dead.

Woman receiving bad news on smartphone

Battery life is obviously one of the most important features in a phone, and companies take this into account when making hardware and software updates. They try to, anyway. When Apple released their newest version of iOS, users were excited to get their hands on Portrait Mode for the 7 Plus, and people in Japan were eager to use the transit options. Apple also promised stability improvements and bug fixes, but it鈥檚 kind of hard to see those improvements when your phone dies at 30 percent 鈥 the update is suspected of causing tons of iPhones鈥 batteries to drain super fast. Yikes. How are we supposed to sleep if we can鈥檛 get our late-night Netflix fix?

Woman using her phone under blanket in bed at night.

Luckily, Apple is usually pretty quick to address its users鈥 concerns, so we should see a patch within the next few days. Until then, you should either wait to update your phone or, if you already have updated, keep a portable charger handy at all times.

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