With summer in full swing, you’ve no doubt made several trips to your local ice cream shop for a couple of scoops of decadent ice cream, irresistible soft serve, or piles of frozen yogurt and candy toppings. Maybe these excursions end with you ordering Dippin’ Dots, those teeny frozen ice cream balls that bring you back to the days of your youth when the new treat was, like, totally the coolest thing ever.

If you haven’t indulged your inner kid in a while, you’re in luck: The latest version of Dippin’ Dots has booze in it, making it the easy choice for all us mature grown-ass gals. Say hello to… *drumroll please*…

Drinkin’ Dots.

The genius behind these beauties, Beverage Manager for A Bar in Washington D.C., Brennan Adams originally went with Drinkin’ Dots as the name, but after a threatened lawsuit (eek!) he renamed the spiked treats as “Cry-Spheres.”

You’ll need a little ice cream-making know-how if you want to make your own batch, but if you’ve already got those skills down pat, you’ll just need some liquid nitrogen and a squeeze bottle that’ll let you squeeze out small drops of your boozy ice cream mixture. Simply drip-drop-drip some of the mixture, bit by bit, into the container of liquid nitrogen, scoop the tiny booze balls out (no hands!) and let them warm up just a bit. Voila! Being an adult rules, huh?

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(h/t Your Tango, featured image via @dippindots)