Carrie Bradshaw鈥檚 blue satin Manolos. Margot Tenenbaum鈥檚 striped polo and fur coat. Cher Horowitz鈥檚 entire Clueless closet. They鈥檙e all gimmies we would have stolen straight off the screen if we鈥檇 had the chance. But now, the new digital platform TheTake is making it possible to shop the iconic outfits worn by the leading ladies and gents in your favorite new flicks, soon right from your seat in the theater.

Created by a former MGM Studios employee, TheTake compiles select on-screen wardrobe pieces from recently released films and makes the exact looks 鈥斅爋r close matches 鈥斅燼vailable for fans to buy through its website. Currently, clothing items and accessories from over 60 movies, including blockbusters The Fault in Our Stars and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, are organized into Pinterest-like boards of stills that showcase the style goods, all of which are searchable by product type or movie title. To ensure utmost authenticity, the startup works closely with studios and costume designers to all but guarantee serious street cred among fellow film geeks. (We imagine that if your Wolf of Wall Street lookalike watch got a nod of approval from the big boys at the office, you鈥檇 probably break out into a dance just like Leo, too). There鈥檚 also a location component to TheTake that lists where featured landmarks, attractions and restaurants are located IRL, making sure that the backdrop to you + your besties鈥 Gatsby-themed group costume is as real as the flapper bob you got for your October 31 role.

In its current state, TheTake has a ways to go before it makes it onto our A-list. Screen caps are blurry, selections are limited and standout products are only matched with one retail-ready possibility (we鈥檙e looking for options, people). But thanks to a cool $2 million raised during its first round of venture financing, all of that and more is in store, including the launch of a mobile app that will let you shop the screen while the credits roll, like a Shazam for movies. Spoiler alert: You might never have to turn off your cell phone before the lights go down ever again.

So you鈥檙e already shopping Instagram (and the runways, if you鈥檙e lucky), now are you ready to shop your favorite flicks? Tell us which movie character鈥檚 closet YOU鈥橠 love to raid in the comments below.

(h/t Tech Crunch)