First thing’s first — [the closet from Clueless] IS THE REALEST! The virgin who couldn’t drive may have demoed the genius idea back in 1995, but almost 20 years later it’s still as memorable as the movie’s as ifs and dating tips. There was an app gearing up to let you do that at home in your own closet, but now you can tour and try on clothing from Cher Horowitz’s walk-in during your lunch break. British e-tailer Metail is taking you on a yellow plaid spin right from your browser using a virtual fitting room.

First thing’s first (okay, we’ll stop quoting Iggy A, we promise), you have to make a MeModel, Metail’s solution to letting you try on anything on their site from your couch or cubicle — especially handy for those of us across The Pond. Answer a few questions about your measurements: height, weight (get that lb to kg or st converter ready), bra size and it will estimate, then let you adjust your waist and hip measurement. Change your skin tone, throw your hair up or leave it down, ask your coworkers if you’re thinner than your resulting virtual fitting room friend and the on-screen you can try on all of the items in Cher’s updated closet + Metail’s online boutique.

Your MeModel isn’t a perfect, 3D scanned, mirror image of yourself, but it is a fab way to visualize what size and style fits your bod the best with helpful suggestions. Yes, a 6 is probably right, that cardigan doesn’t work on my short frame and, sure I suppose my thighs do kinda look that. Take individual pieces and even accessories into your virtual dressing room or try on entire looks in just one click. MeModel You hangs out in the corner of your screen while you’re browsing.

But back to the real Betty we’re talking about today, (sorry, self). Metail is having an online sample sale curated in the style of Cher’s signature black-and-yellow-black-and-yellow. Try on the plaid pleats and blazer or update it with some leather and peplum. Right now you can #ShareYourCher to win cash and a DVD (!!) of the flick. How about a VHS, a TV-VCR combo and a rolled up movie poster plucked from a local Blockbuster to make this really feel like ‘95, Metail? ‘Til they up their nostalgic ante, we’ll sharing our Cher with you here:

While this seems like pure fun — okay, yes it is — virtual shopping (both online and in real life in smart, connected fitting rooms like this one) is likely coming to a shopping mall near you sooner than that Clueless reunion we’re prayin’ for. Well, shopping mall, or Rodeo Drive, if you can snag Daddy’s AmEx for the day.

Do you want other retailers to follow suit and up their online game? What’s the best online shopping experience you’ve had recently? Cher — oops, SHARE below!