We’ve all heard the experts lecture us on how much we could buy if we gave up our beloved Alexa-friendly Starbucks (and miss out on our chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day treats? As if!).

But one NYC company is taking the term “coffee splurge” to a whole new level, with Eater proclaiming Extraction Lab the “most expensive coffee in the US” at up to $18 a cup (!!!).


While prices vary by location and menu item (some go for as low as $3 a pop), the coffee in question is apparently not only made by a special “Steampunk” machine, which costs almost $7K or $13,900 for two, but it’s made from a rare “Ninety Plus Gesha Estates” bean that nets about $350 a pound unroasted. Yowza!

According to Eater, the bean is so pricey because it can be harvested only every eight years (as opposed to the standard three to five).

While you can get a cup of it cheaper at Extraction’s other extractions ($11 in San Diego and $13 in San Francisco), it’s still well above the typical $5-6 you’re likely to pay for your plain old latte.

So is it worth it? That depends. While some consider it a luxury item (that can possibly save your life?), others have reportedly dubbed it “too gentle to be considered coffee.”

Psh! We don’t know about you, but for $18, we expect that ish to pack a punch!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Extraction Lab)