8 Examples of Embroidery That Will Blow Your Mind

Get Your Stitch Fix With These Amazing Embroidery Projects

Get Sew Inspired By These 8 Extraordinary Embroidery Projects

There鈥檚 no doubt that old-school embroidery is cool again. It seems everywhere you look there鈥檚 a new celebrity or fashionista rocking custom stitching on their favorite accessories 鈥 which means there鈥檚 never been a better time to learn this fun, timeless skill. While it may take some practice before you really get the hang of it, the following embroidery art projects should inspire you to keep at it.

1.Horticultural Vignettes: Here鈥檚 a terrarium which doesn鈥檛 require any upkeep. Turn your wall into a greenhouse with these stunning stitched plant and succulent illustrations. (via Pattern Bank)


2. Monogram Pouch: Make your mark with style. Learn how to stitch initials like a pro with this DIY Embroidery Pouch Kit. (via Brit + Co)


3. DIY Doll: If you鈥檝e got your basic and intermediate stitches down, you can make these adorable embroidered animals. Choose from tons of animals, including: bunnies, cats, bears and foxes. (via Etsy)


4. Constellations: Astronomy lovers, capture the night sky in your embroidery hoop. These DIY embroidery kits contain every you need to stitch your favorite stars. (via Etsy)


5. Palmistry: We鈥檙e not psychics but we鈥檙e pretty sure you鈥檙e going to love this this astrology-inspired embroidery. Get the kit here. (via Etsy)


6.3-D Ocean: When it comes to creative embroidery, the sea鈥檚 the limit. This uh-mazing embroidery is literally bursting at the seams with colors, texture and depth. (via Ana Teresa Barboza)

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7.Negative Space: Sometimes it鈥檚 what鈥檚 outside that counts 鈥 as is the case for these deceptively simple negative space stitchings. Get the easy tutorial here. (via And Stitches)


8. Book Covers: Don鈥檛 judge a book by its cover, unless of course, it鈥檚 stitched like this beauty. These extraordinary book covers of literary classics were handmade using only needle and thread. (via Random House)

Which of these embroidery projects would you love to try this weekend? Tell us in the comments below.