If you have an Apple Watch, you may feel tethered to your iPhone. What was supposed to be a way to keep you from looking at your phone every 0.4 seconds turned into a device that necessitated having your iPhone in close proximity at all times. You may have heard that Apple would change things up for a more autonomous Watch this fall. However, we’re here to tell you: No. That’s not happening. (Sorry!)

It was rumored that Apple was going to try to embed a cellular chip in their watches so that they would work on their own. But because of battery life issues, that idea was scrapped. However, not all is lost. The Apple Watch 2 is rumored to have a GPS chip which will help with better directions and tracking.

However, even if the new Apple Watch 2 will still be tethered to the iPhone, it doesn’t mean it needs to be tethered to its charging dock! A new Kickstarter has launched to charge your watch while suspended in the air. Yep, your watch can now magically levitate and make every one think that you’re capable of Harry Potter-level sorcery.

LIFT, which you can scoop up for $159 now, is a great consolation prize for those who wanted more out of their Apple Watch this fall, but are still going to upgrade no matter what. Also, when it’s not levitating your watch, it can charge your phone or power a light bulb. Could your old watch charger do that?

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac, Mashable; photos via LIFT)