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In the fashion industry, the color “nude” often refers to a very specific flesh tone. But whose flesh tone does that represent? For years, people have made the case that flesh-toned offerings should go further to match the skin tones of customers of diverse ethnic origin. After working as a fashion stylist for years, Chantal Carter Taylor became fed up with not being able to find nudes that were functional for her and her clients. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and change the narrative.

Her company, Love & Nudes Lingerie, offers skin-toned lingerie for women of color. Carter Taylor, who is based in Toronto, recalls, “I gave up looking for my own nude and eventually painted my own bra. I thought no woman should have to do this.” After six years of development and one crowdfunding campaign later, which raised more than $25,000, Carter Taylor launched a line in May that she feels proud to stand behind.

So far the line just offers two styles, the Amanda Ultimate bra ($79) and the Janati panty ($29). However, it’s their four nude shades that Carter Taylor spent the most time on: a cool-toned fair hue called Honey Love, two warmer medium shades named Knockout Nutmeg and Butterscotch Beauty, and a deep “Espresso Empress.”

“We want people to realize that nude is more than just one color; it is whatever your skin tone color is,” she says. “This line is about empowering women of color to see what’s possible for them!”

The message of body empowerment is very important for Carter Taylor. Carter Taylor explains via email that for many people of color, they are not used to seeing products made for them and by them in the media. “Subconsciously this is internalized as ‘I’m not relevant, important or good enough’ and in order to have thriving communities we need to have people feeling accepted for who they are especially when it comes to diverse skin tone colors.”

Since the company’s launch, feedback has been great. Carter Taylor tells us that she’s thankful to be working on a line that is providing positive change in women’s self-esteem. “To hear (from customers) that something made them feel great makes all the hard work and difficult times worthwhile.”