Some days, we just can’t even. We know you relate. Whether it’s a brief moment or a full day (week? month?), everyone needs to escape from time to time. That’s why we could all use a “Leave Me Alone Sweater” in our lives. When the world is just too much (#Peetus #GoldenShowerGate, anyone?) and humans are the last beings you wanna face, here’s the garment that will come to your rescue.

Leave Me Alone Sweater

It’s created by “Pinterest engineer by day, maker by night” Ruth Grace Wong, and according to Bored Panda, she claims it’s “more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing,” but we have to disagree. We can totally see its brilliant function. Who cares if you can’t see out of it?! Sometimes, you really don’t need to see reality, TBH.

Leave Me Alone Sweater

What makes it even better, is that the sweater is convertible. You can wear it three ways: cowl neck, off-the-shoulder and in “leave me alone” mode (i.e. zipped up right over your face).

If you’d like your very own “Leave Me Alone Sweater,” Ruth has kindly provided a step-by-step guide via Instructables on how to create one or, if you’re not the DIY type, she’s popped it on Betabrand with the hopes that, if she gets enough votes, she’ll be able to produce and sell it.

Frankly, this could totally be the hottest new fashion trend for peeps working in open-concept office spaces or parents of young children. Zipping up might be better than flat-out telling your co-worker (or kids) to get the heck away from you for five friggin’ seconds (not that we’d ever do that).

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(h/t Bored Panda; photos via Ruth Grace Wong)