Love — and our quest for it — can often be confusing, especially in the age of dating apps and sites (there’s every kind of option under the sun now, from one that matches you on your zodiac sign to one that’s made expressly to help Disney lovers find each other). Sometimes you just wish you had a machine that could outsource the task of helping you find your true love for you.


Good news: It’s here, and it’s called the True Love Tinder Robot. The invention was created by Nicole He, a student at NYU Tisch School’s International Telecommunications Program, for her senior project. It works by reading your galvanic skin response over time — that is, how sweaty your palms get. Based on the cues it gathers from your physiological responses, the robot will either swipe left or right on Tinder for you. It may be the first time in dating history that getting really sweaty can actually help you score a date.

In her blog, Nicole revealed the idea for the invention “came to me as I was sleeping, and I jolted up and wrote it down on my phone.” She also told us that even if you have very naturally sweaty palms, the invention will actually read the changes in your body, rather than just baseline sweatiness, so don’t worry about that. So far, her robot hasn’t found any love matches for her friends yet, but she told us, “I hope that soon, people will be able to try it with their own phones and their own Tinder accounts. When that happens, I’m sure that true love will blossom.”

Right now, it’s still more of a novelty item than a real matchmaker. “Generally, people have been sort of creeped out but fascinated by the project when they try it, which is great,” she tells us. “It’s especially fun when there’s an audience judging you for your involuntary Tinder swipes.”

Eeks, like maybe everyone will realize Gandalf-like beards are your thing. No judgement!

Check out the video for the project below.

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(h/t Nicole Pizza, GIF via @nicolehe)