Do you love tattoos but can’t quite bring yourself to take the plunge? Forget the commitment of a full sleeve and get on board the minimalist tattoo trend. Trust us when we say they’re the ultimate in cool-girl accessories. Ever since Cara Delevingne wowed us with her rebel-chic inked look and louder-than-life personality, we’ve had our eye on her flawless tatted style. From inner ear art to tiny ankle tats, we’ve found some supremely spare designs that are worthy of your consideration. Take a look at this ultra-cool ink that has us inspired to go under the needle asap.

1. Hidden Sun + Moon: We love the way this subtle tat remains hidden upon first glance. Who knew you could rock the sun and moon in such a chic way?

2. Inner-Finger Statement Tat: A minimalist tattoo can still make a statement, as this beauty demonstrates. Inscribing an inspirational word on your inner finger will serve as unlimited motivation for all your creative endeavors.

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3. Finger Decal: The tops of your fingers give your subtle ink a more visible spot. The simple heart and quirky little alien combo look beyond fab with a sparkly black mani.

4. Couple’s Cup o’ Joe: You and your S.O. should consider a matching pair of tats like these tiny coffee cups. Not only will you have a daily reminder of your love for each other (and your favorite beverage), but they’ll also make for the cutest story to tell anyone who asks.

5. Coordinating Couple’s Tat: If you and your S.O. go together like apples ‘n oranges but don’t want to go the identical tat route, we totally approve of these coordinating shapes. These too-cute-for-words his-and-hers geometric designs have us smitten with their understated elegance and simple charm.

6. Inner-Arm Affirmation: The simplicity of this affirmation is beyond perfection. With a “blink and you’ll miss it” vibe commemorating the importance of gratitude, you’ll be forever reminded of all things positive.

7. Tiny Inner-Wrist Design: The inner wrist is one of our favorite spots for low-key ink, but we die for this adorably tiny sketch of a paper airplane. Its simplicity and quirkiness makes for unbeatable tattooed charm.

8 Inner-Ankle Line Art: Floral tattoos are definitely having a moment, thanks to their universal appeal and timeless beauty. We love this pared-down take on a botanical tat that serves up major minimalist vibes.

9. Inner-Ankle Cosmos Tattoo: For those of us who love a little whimsy, here’s an entire Little Prince-inspired cosmic design concealed on the inner ankle. Call us a sucker for all things tiny, but it just doesn’t get any better than this intergalactic nod to one of our fave characters.

10. BFF Moon + Stars: Are you and your bestie bound together like the moon and stars? Rep your undying BFF status with ink via an adorable coordinating tattoo. They look great on their own, and they look even better together.

11. Back of the Ankle X + O: This striking tattoo proves you don’t always need to go big or go home. Stay simple with a graphic style that’s timeless and universal.

12. Back of the Ankle Leaves: Nature-themed tattoos are among our favorites of all time, and this ankle design is just so cool. Best of all, it’s tucked away in a spot that isn’t immediately visible — perfect for dodging HR.

13. Inner Wrist Wave: This inner wrist wave is the best way to honor your beach-babe tendencies without going overboard. City gals, don’t be discouraged — this wee wave works even if you’ve never set foot on sand, as a symbol for how you ride the waves of urban life.

14. Modern Boho Arm Bands: This bohemian glamour girl has stolen our hearts with her modern update of a nontribal arm band. The three clean lines pair beautifully with her eclectic boho jewelry.

15. Flock of Birds: This bold tattoo reminds us of a flip book capturing a bird in motion. Whether you see this as a single bird launching into flight or an entire flock lifting off, we just can’t get over the tat’s artistic appeal.


16. Tiny Tree: A tiny tree with delicate, bare branches is the very definition of laid-back cool. Give a subtle nod to winter with this woodland design. (Photo via Pinterest user Olivia Dainton)


17. Symmetrical Sternum Decal: We can only imagine how gorg this must look with a bikini, but our fave part about this symmetrical line drawing on the sternum is that it’s hidden in plain sight. It’s discreet enough for day, but comes alive at night courtesy of a low-cut top. (Photo via Pinterest user Tattoodo)

18. Hidden Hallows: The simple geometric design of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter tattooed smack-dab in the middle of the neck makes this the ultimate hidden gem. We love the way this tattoo lets your Potter obsession be your own little secret when you let your long locks flow.

19. Inner-Ear Solar System: This adorably tiny planet and stars inscribed on her inner ear is giving us major tattoo envy. The impossibly small juxtaposition of interstellar detail with chic pearl studs gives this fashionista just enough edge to totally steal our hearts.

20. Behind-the-Ear Line Drawing: We. Love. This. The hidden line drawing of a delicate flower is almost completely disguised by the curvature of her ear. Once spotted, it’s as cute as can be and a total revelation. We give two thumbs up to this sneaky masterpiece.

21. Harry Potter Fangirl Classic: Sorry, not sorry. We had to include another nod to Potterheads across the world. Just try and resist this minimalist tribute to our very favorite fictional teen wizard. We applaud this chick’s admirable fangirl status. Brava!

Have you seen any minimalist ink that’s inspired your next tattoo? Let us know on Pinterest!