Last week in our Tiny Spaces video series, we took you to a modern Airstream in sunny California. Next up, we head back to our hometown of San Francisco to get some small-space living inspo from Amy Yvonne Yu and her adorable 400 square foot studio in Union Square. Tour her tiny space to see how adding personality, plenty of wall shelves and a surprisingly big (and hidden) workspace can make any small home seem that much bigger. Check out Amy’s art- and personality-filled space below, and tune in next Tuesday for a couple’s modern San Francisco loft that blends styles, art *and* closet space.


Amy’s pièce de résistance has to be her kitchen. With its tiny galley design and tall ceilings, she was able to utilize vertical space to create a cute and functional wall shelf area that has both storage and a mini counter. She also uses the space above her cabinets to store books she may not need every day. Vertical storage FTW!


While her wall shelves provide plenty of storage, Amy was able to bring a whole lot of personality (and color!) into this itty bitty space. A few trinkets, books, art and a sweet mug collection really make this nook more homey and inviting.


In Amy’s 400 square-foot home, there was not a lot of room for a workspace. Her hack: a hidden workspace in the form of an armoire. This genius idea offers up plenty of storage and is perfect for a quick tidy up for those last-minute guests.


Whether you’re looking to organize *and* personalize your tiny home or just want to see how Amy managed to create such an adorable and colorful studio, the video below will inspire you to live small with a whole lot of personality.

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