We’ve covered plenty of ways to track your stuff, but the one thing that’s alluded all those trackers has been the most frustrating thing to lose—your luggage. That’s changed now, thanks to Trakdot, a new tracking device for your luggage. The best part? Not only is it safe to stash in your luggage and use while in-flight, but it works around the world whether there’s a Wi-Fi signal or not.

So, how does it work? Right before you zip up your suitcase, turn on your Trakdot, and stash it in your bag. Even if you have a hard-sided suitcase, you’ll still be able to use the Trakdot. The signal is strong enough that you’ll be able to find it no matter where it ends up. When the plane starts to taxi and take off, the built-in accelerometer will shut off the signal before the plane is in the air. No need to worry about FAA regulations as the device is completely compliant. The opposite happens when you land. As the plane touches down the accelerometer reactivates your Trakdot’s signal so you can make sure it made the journey with you.

If it turns out that your airline misplaced your luggage, you can use the Trakdot to find out exactly which city it ended up in faster than the airline can. You’ll can find all tracking information if you log in to their website. On the web, you can get an accurate GPS location, and a record of the cities your bag touched down in, which are hopefully the same cities you just traveled through. The app, on the other hand, is where Trakdot needs to do some work. Right now, it will alert you when you’re within 30 feet of your bag, but you can’t see all the tracking information that’s available on the website. That’s okay if you’re in an airport with Wi-Fi,  but for tracking down your bag while you wait in line at customer service, it’s not nearly as handy.

To make sure your Trakdot functions fully, they recommend putting in new batteries before each trip. We’d also recommend removing the batteries when you’re storing the device, which will make them last longer. You can get a Trakdot device for $50, and you’ll pay a $9 for an activation fee, then $13 each year for the location service.

What do you think of Trakdot? Is it something you would use? Tell us why or why not in the comments!