You did it! You pulled off a flawless wedding, married the love of your life, and sent off all your guests happy and full of booze. Now comes the fun part: trashing the dress. This time-honored tradition has been adopted by brides everywhere. But since we don’t settle for standard here, we wanted to find some inspiration beyond the classic “jump in the pool” or “kiss in the ocean” look. So we pulled together the 20 most unique wedding dress destruction photos we could find. From fire to champagne to mud, here are our favorite, and most original, ways to trash the dress.

1. Get Messy: Take that ivory dress for a roll in the dirt. Nope, we’re not joking. When you can finally let go and destroy your gown, you might as well go all out. Just make sure you’re emotionally ready to never get the stains out, and to spend days afterward washing grit from of your hair. (via Buzzfeed)

2. Bring on the Competition: Take your new love and show him (or her0 who wears the pants in the relationship by owning at paintball. The multicolored paint splotches will look gorgeous against a white dress, and help you polish your competitive chops. Wear some gear and a helmet to avoid getting bruised. (via Lindsay Adler Photography)

3. Take the Cake: We finally found a solution for using up all those cake leftovers. Smash it, complete with sprinkles and frosting and all, and spread over your dress for a sticky sweet mess. Use your hands to perfect your look with swirls and stripes, then totally feel free to lick your fingers. (via Chocolate Suze)

4. Survive A Zombie Apocalypse: This one is definitely out there, but given our generation’s growing obsession with zombies (we’re looking at you, Walking Dead) we aren’t too surprised. Stage a zombie hunt with your partner in crime, wear your dingiest cowboy boots, and break out the fake blood for a photo shoot that will cause you to reconsider ‘til death do we part. (via Charm City Wed)

5. Get Tagged: Want to trash your dress and design to some stellar art to hang in your new home? Place yourself in front of a canvas, and let yourself be covered in spray paint. Bonus points if your new spouse is already a graffiti artist. (via Buzzfeed)

6. Cover Yourself in Glitter: We couldn’t be more serious. We adore glitter here at Brit + Co, which is why we love this idea of combining tons of bright paint and sparkly glitter bits for a look that’s all personality. Better yet, you can color coordinate your glitter and paint to match your wedding’s theme, or just pick complementary colors for classic, timeless photos. (via The Brides Café)

7. Go Au Naturale: This idea is definitely the most unique way to incorporate water into your dress-trashing. Dunking into an algae-filled swamp might not be your first choice, but it’s worth considering. The green will look stunning against a white dress, and the ethereal “fairy in the woods” look is elegantly beautiful. (via Rock and Roll Bride)

8. Bring the Heat: Warning, this one should probably just be done using insane Photoshop skills. (via OffBeat Bride)

9. Cuddle Up To A New Friend: Sure, your wedding is all about you and your love. But a dress trashing is a great way to let your furry friends in on the fun. All those dirty paws and little wet noses will make a mess of your dress, but we’ll bet you’ll have a great time in the process. Just make sure you don’t get nibbled on. (via Middle Child Photography)

10. Take the Plunge: Nothing says “I Love You” more than being willing to hold your hand and jump into a pond, clothes and all. If your partner is up to the challenge, it’s also an adorable way to incorporate your new status as newlyweds into a shot that’s traditionally brides only. (via Cedar Wood Weddings)

11. Play in Powder: Powdered paint, commonly used during Holi and other religious celebrations, is a bright and unique way to ruin your clothes. Just gather up the powder in as many colors as you like, and throw it at each other until you’re both a messy collage. The pictures will be stunning and you’ll have a blast. (via Wedding Chics)

12. Roll in the Hay: It’s not just an expression. Rolling down a grassy hill or lying in a field near your wedding site is a great way to incorporate some of your natural surroundings. Sure grass stains aren’t as nice looking as paint or sparkles, but tell your friends you’ll have a physical connection to the ground where you said your vows. Also, chances are the stains could come out in the wash so you might be able to cheat and save the dress. We won’t tell. (via Trevor Allen)

13. Pop Some Bubbly: What would a wedding countdown be without some champagne? Indulge in some leftover bottles and spray each other with the bubbly. Make sure you have plenty of light to catch all the bubbles as they shoot up into the sky. You’ll want to jump in the shower after, and yes, it’s totally okay if you finish the bottle in there. (via Smart Bride Boutique)

14. Leap of Faith: Only if you have a guaranteed soft landing of course. This daring jump from a cliff top into the ocean will create some stunning photos. And getting the adrenaline pumping this early will probably add even more of a spark to your marriage. Here’s to more daring moments together! (via Wonderful Wedding Photos)

15. Down on the Docks: Go for a walk along the beach at dusk and drag your feat through the sand. The sound of the waves and the calm of the beach will sooth you both after the stress of pulling off a wedding. Dash into the waves or build a sand castle, then head to the boardwalk for a final romantic photo. (via Best Destination Weddings)

16. Bring the Vino: Drank all the champagne? Have no fear, dark red wine will serve in its place. Sure it may not be as glamorous or sexy as a bottle of bubbly, but the contrast against a white dress will certainly pop. Pour a glass to your new marriage, then pour it on yourself. (via Wed Me Good)

17. Colorful Sparks: If you’re still buzzing with energy now that the wedding is over, here’s a fun way to use up some of that enthusiasm. Grab a couple cans of paint, then instigate a paint fight with your partner. You’ll both end up covered in tons of bright colors, and the photos will make gorgeous statement pieces in your new home. (via Wed Eclectic)

18. Pillow Talk: We’re not saying you should fight with your partner, but it definitely could be a good way to burn off some of that energy you’ve been storing up for weeks. A pillow fight is a cleaner way to trash your dress — and your hotel room. (via My Wed)

19. Stand Tall: For the power bride who isn’t afraid of the cold, standing under a waterfall is a stunning way to trash your dress. You’ll look cool, confident, and sexy beneath the spray. Make sure your partner is nearby with a warm towel. (via My Eugene Photographer)

20. Take it to The Streets: Have a soft spot for your grimy city? Let it leave its mark on the bottom of your dress. A leisurely walk through the streets with your new love should do the trick, even if it makes you never want to touch the ground again. (via Chelsea Nicole)

Do you have any other unique dress trashing ideas? Any tips from your own “trash the dress” photo shoot? Send ’em our way via Facebook.