The season premiere of True Blood this Sunday is bittersweet: We’re welcoming hoards of vamps, fairies and all sorts of paranormal activity back onto our TVs — but it’s for the last time. A farewell to our favorite Bon Temps crew won’t be easy, but Sookie, Bill and the rest of the gang deserve a goodbye party they can really sink their teeth into. Take inspiration from Fangtasia, Merlotte’s and your favorite super natural being for this season 7 premiere party. We promise you it will be a bloody fang-tastic time.

1. Synthetic Blood Energy Drink ($6): Go gore to gore with the show with this fake blood drink. You’ll make your vamp-friends scream — and provide them with enough energy (it’s like Red Bull) to stay up for the late-night showtime.

2. True Blood Inspired Vampire Sign ($45): We all know Bon Temps is a little, well, rustic. Announce your party with an equally rustic wood sign cute enough for hanging up at Merlotte’s. Don’t mind the bite marks on it; a vampire just can’t resist a good party.

3. Slaughter Cake: We don’t know what the show has in store for us this season, but we do know with the rampant Hep V vamps on the loose + loads of other supernatural beings, we’re in for a blood bath. This blood bath of a cake will match the sights to be seen, whether you like A-positive or just have a perfectly human sweet tooth. (via KL Food Blog)

4. Dress The Part: Not everything on True Blood is covered in blood. Celebrate the sweet side of the show by dressing like Sookie for the night with this inspiration board. Or, go classy vamp with a look inspired by everyone’s favorite lady vamp, Pam. (via Shop Style)

5. Bloody Lollipops: No humans were harmed in the making of these lollipops. You can get a taste for blood (it’s really just a splash of food coloring, no worries) with these DIY suckers. (via Instructables)

6. Vampire’s Dream Cocktail: If you haven’t caught on by now, the theme of this viewing party is blood red. And your cocktail should match. Try this mix with tangy pineapple and cranberry juice and a healthy splash of spicy rum. (via Ezra Pound Cake)

7. Merlotte’s Women’s Slim Fit T-shirt ($25): Get your hostess inspiration from Arlene and Sookie — Merlotte’s best waitresses. Just be sure to dress the part in their restaurant tees.

8. Pure Blood Vintage Style Apothecary Label ($6): No matter what cocktail you’re serving (make sure it’s blood red of course!), pour it from a carafe labeled “Pure Blood.”

9. Sookie’s Fried Chicken: This party calls for nothing else but good ol’ southern cooking, like Sookie’s famous fried chicken. Fill everyone up with other Bon Temps specialties, like Up-in-Arms Biscuits and Gravy and Holy Hoecakes straight out of the True Blood cookbook. (via Wet Paint)

10. Custom Vampire Bite Mug ($32): While you’re staying up late to watch reruns for all the scenes you missed, get a coffee boost from a fang-bitten mug, complete with your favorite show quote.

11. Paper Doll Printables: We all know we like seeing Alcide (who doesn’t love a hot werewolf?) and the other men of True Blood with their clothes off. Now you can keep ’em that way or dress them up with these printable paper dolls. Then place them around the party for some pre-showtime eye candy. (via Outta This World)

12. True Blood Tile Coasters ($13): Pick your team with these vampire-inspired coasters. Oh yeah, they’ll keep water rings off the table too.

13. Bloody Table Runner and Vases: We’re not done with the blood just yet! Decorate your space with this easy DIY table runner and vase. All you need to fake a blood bath is acrylic and spray paint, gauze and spare white vases. (via Brit + Co.)

14. Blood Splatter Manicure: Because everything else is already bloody, get your nails in on the fun too with this chic (and easy!) manicure. (via Samarium’s Swatches)

15. Blood Red Sangria: Make a big batch of this True Blood-inspired citrus and cherry sangria, because your blood-thirsty guests will need more than you can make in individual servings. Plus, everyone will need a stiff drink after seeing what the show has in store for us this season! (via She Knows)

16. Tombstone Chair Covers: With a show celebrating the undead, we still need to pay homage to where our favorite vamps came from. Use pillow cases and spray paint to make tombstone chair covers for all the vamps and fang-bangers in your party. (via Northman’s Party Vamps)

17. Don’t Piss Off the Fairies: We’ve all seen just how dangerous fairies can be. Who knew such pretty light could be so dangerous!? Give your guests some warning by printing and hanging this sign. (via True Blue Me + You)

18. Blood Splattered Petit Fours: If Pam and Jessica have anything to say about it, everything’s sweeter with a little blood on top. Serve these pound cake petite fours for dessert, topped with a splash of your blood type of choice. (via Brit + Co.)

19. True Blood Cupcake Toppers ($5): Feature your favorite quotes on top of your favorite bloody dessert (see below) with these printable cupcake toppers. Just stick them to toothpicks or lollipop sticks. Guests will get chills remembering seasons past.

20. Fang Bite Cupcakes: Looks like Bill got to dessert first! These cupcakes (we’d make ours red velvet) are bleeding out before you can even dig in. (via Bake Happy)

21. True Blood Printable Party Game ($13): Invite guests over an hour before the show starts for a racing round of trivia that will put your True Blood knowledge to the test.

22. Blood of Lilith: Her blood may have caused a whole lot of trouble last season, but as we all know, a sip from Lilith is pretty tempting. Send your guests home with a tube of it (red hots in a test tube) and see if they can resist the power. (via True Blood)

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