For those of us who live in major cities, the commute struggle is real. Whether you live a 20 minute walk away from your train or you have to ride for almost an hour, getting to and from work during rush hour can be stressful — which is why learning to love your commute is a real thing. But a crazy commute can make or break your workweek. And that’s why Trulia, the home rental and buying site, has come out with a feature that will allow renters to easily consider commutes before committing to a home.


Trulia’s new feature, Rent Near Transit, is launching today and will allow potential renters to see median prices of apartments around each metro station. As Yardley Ip Pohl, general manager of Trulia Rentals, tells us, this is an excellent feature for anybody new to a city and looking to figure out which neighborhoods are the most affordable.

Beautiful Woman Listening Music On Her Smartphone, Subway Train Background

Before, in order to compare home prices and commute, potential renters would have to flip back and forth between Google Maps and wherever they were purchasing their home. Trulia’s new feature puts it all together on one easy-to-read page. It’s so simple, we’re shocked that this has never been thought of before! The feature is available in six US cities, those with the current largest populations of commuters: New York, San Francisco, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston.

If you’re commuting outside of those cities, you’ll have to wait for now. But hey, just consider an awful commute a perfect opportunity to pick up a new book or podcast. There’s always a silver lining.

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