Ever dropped your phone in the toilet or in a puddle on the street? You probably know that you can soak it in a bowl of rice overnight to help absorb the water, but if that doesn’t work, you’re probably S.O.L. and will need to take a trip to the store and cash out a few hundred bucks to get yourself a new device. With Liquipel, your wet worries are over. This magical process binds a waterproof coating to the surface of your device on a molecular level so that it looks and functions like a regular phone, but won’t die of electrocution if you happen to drop it in liquid. It works for all types of phones, from makes like Apple, HTC, Samsung and more. We haven’t personally tried it out ourselves, but may experiment in the near future. We’ll be sure to report back.


While we were hacking away at our Facebook Timeline covers last week, we came across this great new app, Timeline Movie Maker, developed by our friends at Facebook. As the name would suggest, it lets you create a short video from all of the posts on your profile… er, “Timeline.” In less than a couple of minutes, you can fly through your past, revisiting those first dates, awkward drunken party nights, and unforgettable life memories. Who wouldn't want one of those movies?


Nooka is a new way to look at time. This app is meant to be a replacement to your Clock app on your iPhone, and it presents time with a beautiful (though somewhat complex) graphical representation instead of the standard arms and dials. Made for the visual data geek (and certainly not for your mother), the interface design is truly stunning but may take some getting used to.


For those times when Fido is too hot or too cold, this climate controled pet carrier from Komfort Pets will make things just right. We think this gadget is even better than spoiling your dog with a handsome new argyle sweater vest or frozen yogurt treat.

What other new gadgets and apps have you been playing with lately? Leave us a note in the comments below and we'll be sure to check them out!