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Dress Your Cuts and Scrapes to the Nines

We're constantly on the lookout for new innovations to take care of our health. But you know what part of our medicine cabinets we find ourselves reaching for the most? Good old fashioned bandages. Just because something is a staple doesn't mean it has to be boring. These new bandage trends and ideas are the […]


Alpha Provides Reliable Heart Rate Monitoring Sans Bulk

Tech innovations that blend seamlessly into modern lifestyles really are our bread and butter here at Brit HQ. And since staying fit is part of our lives, we pay special attention to fitness technologies, too. From a cordless digital jump rope to an all-in-one fitness and media watch, we know good health gadgets when we […]


Lettrs Brings Snail Mail and E-mail Together at Last

It seems to us that it’s about time a product bridged the gap between cutesy, crafty letters and impersonal web mail as correspondence. And it looks like the makers of Lettrs agreed. Members of Lettrs use the online platform to upload and curate letters as well as to create and share their own. The kicker? […]


Spruce Up Your Desktop with 5 Creative Wallpaper Apps

For habitual (or obsessive) computer users, your desktop wallpaper is your home base. Not only does it signify the starting point of any task, project or undertaking, it also houses so much of your life from family photos to personal information and more. High resolution photos and artwork are great for beautifying your machine or […]


Tuesday’s Tech of the Week: Couples Edition

With summer wedding season in full swing, we can't help but turn our attention to couples and how they use technology to stay connected. Whether you're in a long distance relationship or simply like staying in touch 24/7, your phone is your constant connection to your significant other. Naturally, iPhone app innovators and developers have […]


Eco-Friendly LED Bulbs You Can Control with Your Smartphone

For those of you who never let your smartphone out of sight, packing bucket loads of useful features into your handy gadget sounds like a good thing. That’s because it is! From an oven that takes commands via text message to sensors that allow you to automate everything in your home, we're all about empowering […]


12 Pixelated Accessories for Geeky Guys and Gals

At Brit & Co., it’s pretty obvious that we firmly believe that geek is the new black, whether it’s another day in the office or a weekend at the beach. But, if you plan on wearing more than a tech-infused bikini on a daily basis, you may need some more ideas. And since we don’t condone wearing a pantsuit with QWERTY-plaid, you’ll have to settle for more understated fashion choices. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to bring you a dozen pixelated fashions for geeky guys and gals.

Fashion A Time Machine for Your Digital History

At Brit & Co., we’re fans of innovations that improve your social networking experience. Who isn’t? Whether it’s an app that introduces you to new things in your area or one that lets you and your friends compete daily our social lives are pampered by technology. Naturally, we’re excited about one of the newest social […]


The Combi Monitor Lets You Print Your Screen, Literally!

Screen printing shortcuts are great. No one appreciates the convenience of the ol' command+shift+4 (or the PrintScreen key when you find yourself on a PC) more than we here at Brit HQ do! At times it even feels like a life-saver. But what if there were an even more seamless way of doing screen printing […]


Curtain Call: 12 Nifty Window Dressings for the Modern Home

Whether you use binoculars to stare through them for hours a day or just let the morning sun seep in and wake you up, your windows are part of your daily life. And regardless of what drab landscape may lie outside of them, they can always be dressed to the nines on the inside. We’re […]