It’s the start of a brand-new month. No matter your goals this November, we all know what’s ahead of us: BUSY BUSY BUSY holiday season. So take joy in the next couple of weeks and relax a bit. For this weekend, we rounded up the five best apps that debuted this week to help you slow down and simplify. Whether you want to plan a trip, learn something new or simplify your finances, these are the five apps that will make the first couple of weeks of November easy as pie.

1. Uber: ICYMI, Uber got a brand new look this week, meant to get you in a car even faster. The app is now designed to be simpler and easier to navigate than before. Plus, our favorite new feature is that the app will tell you upfront how much most rides will cost, so you can compare options before you call a car.


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2. Nekosan: For those that need a new distraction in their lives, we introduce you to Nekosan, the super cute new game in which players maneuver a cat through a lair of mice, gathering stars. It’s the most kawaii game we’ve found in a while.


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3. Bud: For those who use their phones to stay on top of finances, cut down on the amount of finance apps you’ve downloaded and just get this one. Bud keeps track of your bank accounts, credit counts and even investments all in one place.


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4. Faros: We love using Instagram to discover new travel destinations. But, admittedly, it’s not the best system for saving places you’d love to see. Cue: Faros. The new app helps you collect and organize inspiring places and even figure out how to get there. We smell a road trip coming up…


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5. Whale: The first step to learning is admitting that other people know more than you. Use Whale to pick the brain of experts and influencers in topics as varied as makeup and computer programming. Influencers will be able to answer your questions via video in a Snapchat-like style, making every answer personal.


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