Eeeeverybody is talking about Beyoncé today — like the fact that her Grammys performance was basically her pregnancy Instagram come to life and her tearful reaction to Adele’s acceptance speech — and now we have another reason to spread the Bey love. The folks over at Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have put together an incredible new video to let us in on the premiere date for season three and, natch, it’s all about Bey. And not only that, it is in fact an amazingly fun tribute to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.”

Kimmy Schmidt

Addressing (SPOILER!) Titus’s break-up with Mikey, we’re first told to “join the formation” before we see one of our fave characters doing his best Bey impression. Claiming that he “doesn’t care” (or “curr”) in a Beyoncé-esque headpiece, we then see him spinning and twirling through the streets in a perfectly frilly yellow dress while carrying a baseball bat and smashing his ex bae’s truck in an epic “Hold Up” tribute.

Even the lyrics are slightly changed to suit the sitch, with Titus gleefully singing, “Hello, I ain’t playing with you, Michael / I’m not fooling with you, Michael / Pack up, I ain’t playing with you, meatball / Michael, I’m not playing with you, meatball.”

Too funny! Too perfect!

So, when can you catch season three? It will hit Netflix on May 19, which means you have just enough time to re-watch the first two seasons before returning to the big, bright world of Kimmy Schmidt.

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(h/t EW; photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty, Netflix)