Most of us don’t pay much attention to how we part our hair. Sure, we create a straight-ish part every morning that’s typically in the middle or off center to the side, but there’s not much more to it beyond that. Shifting a side part to the left if you’re typically rocking it on the right can definitely refresh your look and adds a little lift to your locks too, but celebrities are proving that there’s a #TBT-worthy way to take it to the next level.

The zigzag part is back. You know, the part that’s created by drawing a jagged line where you want your hair to fall in a criss-cross fashion — aka what you gave your bffs at sleepovers in the ’90s and helped you slay your grade school look on Picture Day. Yep, that fad has made a comeback in a majorly modern way.


Take Hilary Duff for instance. The actress’ take on the zigzag part felt really fresh. Rather than go for meticulous, jagged parts that scream ’90s, the singer took a lazy girl approach by parting uneven bits of hair this way and that, keeping the look effortlessly pulled together. The style also revealed a secret bonus about the style: it instantly creates volume. The combo is perfect for days that require a practical hairdo that keeps your locks out of your face but still has that edgy vibe to it. When pulled back into a low pony like Hilary’s, this slightly whimsical part takes on a totally grown-up feel — complete with noticeable bounce that elevates a basic pony into something worth a second look.


While Hilary opted for a loose and informal-looking zigzag part, Julianne Hough took the total opposite approach with her polished hairstyle at the 2015 American Music Awards. The structured and well-defined zigzags (we counted six to be exact) highlighted the dimension in her blonde hair and framed her face beautifully, while the sleekness of her look gave it an elegant feel. The real beauty of this part is that from the front, it doesn’t jump out at you as a huge change, but it makes itself known when you see it from different angles.

Feeling nostalgic? Pick up a rat-tail comb ($3) to help separate your strands as evenly as possible, whether you go for lots of little zig zags or three long parts. Glitter butterfly clips optional.

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(Photos via Mark Davis/Bauer-Griffin/Getty)