If money looked more like this, we might be more inclined to keep it in our wallets. American artist Travis Purrington redesigned the traditional U.S. currency as part of his Master’s thesis at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. And we’re digging the result.

Notice the one-dollar bill missing from the usual lineup? Purrington dropped it on purpose. “It’s had a fantastic run, but it’s time to let it go. If the US dollar starts going up in value, we can always bring it back,” Purrington told Mashable. It’s safe to assume he’s not a fan of the coffee shop tip jar.

Purrington made sure to keep the original details of the dollar bill as we know it, swapping ornate insignia for geometric patterns and stoic presidents for multi-hued American iconography. Each note pays homage to the American people’s work ethic and contribution to society. Notice the aerial view of farmland of the five dollar bill, which is “a credit to the skill of the American worker.” The towering skyscraper on the $10 honors structure, a crashing tidal wave on the $20 credits life, the $50 bill depicts an electronic panel and astronaut to honor innovation and the $100 shows a serene mountainscape juxtaposed with a star-studded sky, giving a nod to the country’s natural beauty. Talk about giving more value to this modernized currency.

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(h/t Mashable)