Have you ever attended a clothing swap before? I certainly have. Clothing swaps have grown in popularity over the past few years, and are one of my favorite ways to trade out the clothes I've: a) become bored of, b) never worn, or c) no longer fit, in exchange for my friends' clothes they no longer want. In a sense, it's like going shopping for an entirely new wardrobe without paying a thing. (It really doesn't get any better than that, does it, ladies?)

What if that experience could be replicated online? That was the issue that entrepreneur Manik Singh asked when he first came up with the idea for his new company, Threadflip, a site that lets you shop others' closets online.

I've been using Threadflip for months now (full disclosure: I'm an advisor to the company) and can tell you first-hand that it's truly awesome for both getting rid of stuff you no longer want, while also finding some new high-quality threads. Check out these never-been-worn boots I just snagged last week!

So, how does it work? With just a few clicks, you can upload images of clothing straight from your closet — or more simply, import photos of yourself already wearing the clothing you want to sell in any of your Facebook pics — and then mark it for sale on the site. The best part? If you are too busy to upload these images (which, let's face it, we all are), you can take part in the company's White Glove Service, which will let you send in your clothing so that Threadflip can do it for you. Amazing.

"Um, but Brit, isn't this what eBay and Etsy already do?" Good question, and my answer is: yes and no. Threadflip has several differentiators that make it unique. First, they make it incredibly easy to upload images of stuff from your closet (see paragraph above). Second, the site is well-curated and features higher-end clothing and brands. You'll even see some really well-made vintage and handmade gear from popular boutiques. Third, the site is built on top of Facebook, making it really easy to shop your friends' closets as well as browse based on your interests and style preferences. Finally, you can store your credits on the site, so that if you sell enough of your own stuff, you never have to shell out any dough for new clothes you want — it really does compare to a clothing swap in that way.

Get started by uploading some clothing of your own. Need inspiration? Check out my personal Threadflip picks or shop my closet.

Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter if you have any questions about how the service works. It's time to flip!