First impressions are everything; which is precisely why this Valentine’s Day you should be treating your gift wrapping as importantly as the actual gift giving. Whether you’re purchasing a gorgeous wrapping paper or getting crafty by making some yourself, you’re sure to impress your loved one with these totally Pin-worthy, Instagrammable last-minute gift wrapping ideas.

1. Ombre Wrapping Paper: Nothing says “I Love You” like hand-dyed wrapping paper! (via The House That Lars Built)

2. Watercolor Hearts with Kraft Paper: Brown paper packages tied up with string are everyone’s favorite thing, but adding a vibrant heart makes it even better! (via A Creative Mint)

3. Black Tags With White Charcoal Pencil: Giving the gift of treats? Add some fun to the average paper bag with a heart stamp, black tags, and a clothespin! (via Etsy)

4. Lip Print Wrapping Paper: Why not give the gift of kisses in the form of lipstick prints? (via Glitter Guide)

5. Heart-Covered Cookie Wrappers: You eat with your eyes first, which is why packaging your baked goods in beautiful wrapping paper is always a good idea. (via Martha Stewart)

6. Studded Gift Box: Add simple metallic studs to impress the stud in your life. (via Whimsey Box)

7. Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping: Adding 3D element to your gift wrap will literally make your present standout. (via The House That Lars Built)

8. Children’s Scribble Wrapping Paper: What do you get when you give children a blank canvas and crayons? A masterpiece made with love. (via A Subtle Revelry)

9. Washi Tape Boxes: It’s amazing what a little Washi tape can do! (via A Spoonful of Sugar)

10. Carrot Heart Stamped Bags: All you need for these adorable stamps are carrots and paint! (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

11. Black, White, and Gold Valentine Box: The best way to make your black and white striped box festive? Add gold glitter! (via Tulle Box Designs)

12. XO Gift Wrap: Make your gift extra festive by creating hand-painted wrapping paper and finishing it off with some baker’s twine! (via Sugar & Cloth)

14. Eraser Heart Stamps: These DIY heart stamps are so cute, you’ll want to put them on everything! (via The House That Lars Built)

14. Valentine’s Day Treat Bag: The best part about these charming treat bags is that they can be used again and again. (via Inspired by Charm)

15. DIY Doily Impression Gift Wrap: Who knew? Heart doilies are the ultimate stencil for gift wrap. (via The House That Lars Built)

16. Neon Heart Stickers: A simple neon heart sticker with matching twine will make anyone fall head over heels! (via Charlotte’s Fancy)

17. Painted Hearts Wrapping Paper: Newspaper serves as the perfect backdrop for a hand painted heart. (via A Subtle Revelry)

18. Hand-Dyed Twine: Go for a rustic look by painting the box and dying the twine! Dye a whole batch for year ’round gift-wrapping! (via A Subtle Revelry)

Got a creative gift-wrapping idea? Let us know below in the comments!