Connected cooking is coming to your kitchen with a new partnership announced today between Viking and iDevices. What’s for dinner? Now you’ll know with a smart system monitoring your range. Cool! Or, well, hot!

Already an enviable bit of kitchen candy, the Viking Professional 7 Series Range will use a wireless temperature-monitoring system hooked up to your phone or tablet through the iDevices Connected app. A Viking temperature probe is the secret ingredient to help you track when your food is cooked to perfection.

The app (available to download now for iOS devices, will launch on Android later this year) features helpful temperature graphing, customizable timers, recipes and an option to socially ring the dinner bell on Twitter or get some virtual “Likes” for that fresh-from-the-oven masterpiece. Forget food selfies, the automatic “Dinner’s ready!” tweet is the wave of the techy foodie’s future.

iDevices has been heating up the market with smart home products like the iGrill, a kitchen thermometer for wireless cooking and the Bluetooth-connected, water-resistant way to audition for American Idol in the privacy of your own bathroom: the iShower.

Our future home certainly isn’t short on culinary gadgets or apps that keep us connected and help us automate our abodes and we hope this news is just the beginning for appliances joining the party and putting the app back in… app. We’re ready for a smart microwave to rid the world of burnt popcorn smell forEVER whenever you are, future!

What gadgets do you want to see in your future (or present!) smart home? Share below!