YouTube couple Sam and Nia, you know, the duo that took the Internet by storm last week with their husband tells wife she’s pregnant announcement followed up that heartwarming video with a heartbreaking one over the weekend.

In their latest YouTube video, uploaded only a few days after that viral surprise announcement (that has already been viewed more than 11 million times), the couple revealed that Nia has suffered a miscarriage. Clearly overwhelmed with grief after such a tragic life moment, the parents wanted to share the heart-wrenching news (similar to Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan) to help others that have gone through a similar situation.

After this setback Sam and Nia stated they are tapping into their faith and loving on their two children more than ever before, while also sharing that they will try and have another baby in time. Stay strong, Sam + Nia, your family is in our thoughts! <3

(Photo via YouTube)