Thanks to the Internet we鈥檝e seen plenty of creative pregnancy announcements 鈥 our fave obviously being that Britney Spears-inspired one ;) While there鈥檚 been viral videos involving themes around movies, music and photo shoots the latest to catch our attention is unique because there鈥檚 a little bit of a role reversal from the usual. This time around, it centers around the husband taking a pregnancy test. What?!

YouTuber and photographer Sam Paul wanted to surprise his wife Nia with news of her third pregnancy by doing what any over-eager husband would do 鈥 dip into the toilet and take a sample of her pee. Sounds crazy 鈥 reeeeally crazy, but here鈥檚 why he went through with the bathroom sample. While he was at work, Nia mentioned to him that her period was two weeks late. Sam also knows that his wife gets up multiple times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but doesn鈥檛 flush because she thinks it might wake up their two kids. They should have made True Detective about this guy.

The, um, 鈥渟ample鈥 Sam sleuthed resulted in a positive result so he revealed the news to Nia by teasing her that she can鈥檛 have wine or bologna. Watch the video above to see how she takes the news.

man announces pregnancy to wife

Just to be sure the test was accurate, the couple wrapped up the video by doing the test again and it provided a positive result for a second time. While creative, we may not recommend this technique, but we鈥檒l be sure to stay tuned to this family鈥檚 journey and Nia鈥檚 pregnancy on the couple鈥檚 YouTube channel, Sam and Nia.

What are your thoughts on this pregnancy announcement and how Sam told his wife? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via sampaulphoto)