If you’re a data-driven geek and you want to stay fit and healthy, well, you’re a lot like me. I’m continually looking for the newest gadgets and apps to help track my wellness goals. Medisana’s newest innovation, VitaDock, is basically a dream come true for anyone who likes to use technology and data to monitor and improve their health.

VitaDock is an app that connects with a suite of modules designed to measure and track vital functions. You can get all the modules if you’re looking to get a complete picture of your health (and drop the cash to do so!), or you can mix and match a couple based on what components are most important to you. GlucoDock measures blood sugar, ThermoDock tells temperature, TargetScale weighs and analyses your body composition, and CardioDock allows you to track blood pressure.

The TargetScale sticks out to me as particularly well-designed. This body analysis scale allows you to visually track your distance from your target weight with a simple series of illuminated rings. Reaching your goal is literally like hitting the bullseye.

The app itself saves all of your data, automatically generates statistics and monthly reports, and lets you set target values. Your information is available to you at any time, anywhere and can easily be emailed to your doctor or nutritionist. Your data is secure: Everything is stored on your device and you decide if you want to share it. It allows up to 4 unique users: perfect for a small family or group of friends looking to get healthy together.

**Disclaimer: Please remember that I am not a doctor. My thoughts and ideas are my own and you should only proceed with undertaking any changes in your health or pursuing fitness goals at your own risk, or after your own health practitioner approves.