Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying a romantic evening at home, candles are the perfect way to set a relaxing mood. But before you go burning your house down, you best contain that open flame. And if we know you, we’re guessing you’d rather DIY than buy. So let’s do that. Whether you feel like playing with paper, clay, cement or plaster, we’re setting you up with a project to light up your week.

1. Plaster Candle Votives: Part of the charm of these plaster votives is the rough, unfinished top. You could do all kinds of color combos with the white plaster but we personally love the dipped look. (via Handimania)

2. Colored Mason Jars: If you have a collection of glass jars you can’t bear to part with, try making them different pastel shades with this easy tutorial. You can fill them with candles for a soft, colorful glow. (via Freutcake)

3. Twig Votive Candle: Bring in some natural elements with these little rustic delights. You could leave them plain or paint them gold for a more chic look. (via Freutcake)

4. Faceted Clay Holder: We love playing with clay and these candles are so easy to make! The fun gem shape makes them perfect for a wedding or a dinner party and they are easy enough, you can make a bunch of them for your friends! (via Gathering Beauty)

5. Glitter Votive: These would look fab as decorations for a white and gold wedding. The glitter on the inside reflects and diffuses the light for a warm glow. (via Tara Dennis)

6. Concrete Metallic: Indoors or outdoors, concrete candles give off a fantastic industrial chic look. Dipping them in metallic paint gives them an extra bit of glam that makes us think these guys definitely belong somehwhere inside our house. (via Monsters Circus)

7. Wooden Log Candles: Pretty much anything dipped in gold has our attention, and the rustic feel of these log candles is perfect for fall weather. You could make several sizes and layer these inside a non-working fireplace for a really charming effect. (via Life Over Easy)

8. Laced Cement Votive: Concrete never looked so feminine with these lacy details! Make several for an unusual, but very pretty gift idea. (via Say Yes)

9. Folded Paper Candle: This is called the accordion fold, and it’s really easy to learn. All you need for these geometric candles is some paper, a glass jar and a little bit of glue. (via Minnie Co)

10. Painted Rope Votive: Save a little of that summer loving with some rope textures. The white paint keeps the rope from looking too rustic and the colorful dip adds the perfect amount of character. (via Freutcake)

11. Beaded Glass: All you have to do to make these adorable candles is add little dots of glue. So simple. We’ll leave it up to if you want to leave them as is or if you want to try painting them gold — or both! The mix looks fab. (via Homey Oh My)

12. Plaster Flower Votive: Get your romance on with these shabby chic flower candles. Can you believe they’re just made by dipping fabric flowers into plaster? You could make a whole bouquet and use them to line the tables at a wedding. (via Design Mom)

13. Ombre Candle Votive: You cannot go wrong with ombre and these lacy-looking votives are so darn dainty. (via The House That Lars Built)

14. Photo Cubes: Light up the faces of your loved ones with this glazed photo cube. Instagram photos would be perfect for this project since they are already in square format. So keep snappin’ away! (via Savvy Sugar)

15. Color Block Votives: Dip candles in latex paint for a bright pop of color that still lets the light shine through. We love the idea of dipping alternative halves to keep things interesting. (via Sweet Paul)

16. Clay Votives: We bet you thought these were plastic, didn’t you? Nope, they are made out of Sculpey and they are so fun and easy you won’t want to stop making them! Perfect decor for a dinner party, we can see these tucked in and around a floral arrangement. (via Brit + Co)

17. Night Houses: Set a romantic view with a tiny cityscape of glowing castles. Or if you wanted to keep things closer to home, you could lighten up some photos of you own house. (via Fellow Fellow)

18. Geometric Paper Votives: Work on your origami skills and fold some paper to make these white holders with peekaboo slots of colored paper. This elegant look would be perf for a party where you only want tiny pops of color. (via Once Wed)

Do you burn a lot of candles during the colder months? Which of these holders is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below!